Outdoor Recreation

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Outdoor Recreation

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or just an occasional dog walker, Charlottesville and the surrounding area offer a wide range of outdoor activities. Within city limits, parks and playgrounds fill almost 1,000 acres, while a network of walking trails goes through most neighborhoods and actually loops around the city. Further afield, the Blue Ridge Mountains offer many recreational options, including hiking, climbing, and skiing.

In fact, this area has so many outdoor recreation opportunities that Outside magazine has added Charlottesville to several Best Of lists, including “Best Town to Live,” “One of Seven Dream Towns That Have it All,” and “Best Trail Running.”

Parks – There are a number of green spaces scattered around the area, from tiny little “pocket parks” to playgrounds to large playing fields. Here are a few of our favorites:

For people watching, check out Lee Park, next to the library on Market Street. This little park is often the location of Charlottesville’s many festivals and community events.

For a great place to burn off your little one’s excess energy, go to Riverview Park (the sole Yelp review) at the end of Market Street. Located next to the Rivanna River, this park has a nice playground, as well as a paved path where novice cyclists can practice either with or without their training wheels.

Both Pen Park and Darden Towe Park have playgrounds, but also open areas for throwing Frisbees, practicing your batting skills, or getting together a pick-up soccer game.

Skateboard enthusiasts might want to head to McIntire Park, which has a skate park, where you can practice your kickflips and 1080’s.

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