1st Quarter Charlottesville Real Estate Market Report – Here’s the Turn

The market is turning. And I’ll be writing about this in depth in the coming monthly note (subscribe here). Your micro-market matters more than top-level reports. That said, I think the Charlottesville area real estate market is turning. Sellers – take note; price and prepare accordingly, with great advice. Buyers – be aware, and choose wisely, with great representation. Get the CAAR reports

Monthly Note Archive: Hungry Patience Love Teams

Archives of my subscription-only monthly notes. The blog is more searchable. Interested in not waiting a few months to read it? Subscribe here.   For these posts, I don’t do much formatting/changing as I’m more concerned about simply having the content here forever (because I own the blog, and I don’t own Tinyletter).  Remember the Charlottesville Ice Park? It’s gone. Patience I wrote a few years ago about how “the louder they are, the…

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