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Albemarle County Schools Fighting Obesity Epidemic

“Even in a regular suburban neighborhood, we’re going to have more children walking to fewer bus stops, as opposed to some of the door-to-door service,” said Josh Davis, the schools’ transportation director. … I understand that not all area of Albemarle County have sidewalks or safe walking paths to bus stops or schools, but for those areas and neighborhoods that do have such infrastructure, why not walk a few more yards?

…I read an article on awhile back that said that in the 1960s, more than 90 percent of kids who lived within a mile of school walked or bicycled to school on a regular basis.

…The net result of all of this is that today an estimated 30 percent of all morning traffic is attributable to parents driving their kids to school, a practice that was virtually unheard of a couple generations ago.

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