Roots – That’s One Reason Kids Can’t Walk to Henley Middle School

Roots and a lack of common sense and a trusting of parents to parent their children.

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Read at RealCrozetVA about the efforts to get children to walk to Henley Middle School.

It’s a damn shame that:

1) Our society has gotten to a place where this can be said with seriousness in a public forum.

2) Parents aren’t outraged about this.

3) Sidewalks and infrastructure are “needed” in order to walk to school. See the path for yourself. It’s fine.

My daughter has scraped her knees on sidewalks. What’s the alternative to sidewalks? Hermetically-sealed Bubble-wrapped paths

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As an aside, I love Storify for reporting these meetings.

  • Note, I’m not picking on Josh Davis; he’s the one that was sent to the Crozet Community Advisory Council meeting, when the Council has been asking for months for principals to visit.
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