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This is What a Foreclosure Auction Looks like in Charlottesville

It was actually quite boring until you think about the pain that the builders, homeowners, contractors, community members and banks are suffering. Foreclosure Auction for Church Hill's properties Here is my Twitter stream from the auction –

Jim Duncan Twitter Stream albemarle charlottesville Foreclosure Basically, the bank bought all the properties for themselves; they believe there is a market for the properties and they’re right … it’s the price that matters.

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This is the Transparency that Smaller Builders need to Embrace

Acknowledge your financial issues (if you’re a builder in this market and say that everything is A-OK and hunky dory you’re most likely delusional or a liar) and encourage buyers to join you in the experience. … In our neighborhood, there’s a place for all families with townhomes, cottages, and single family homes to suit the family of one or four. (ed. note: what about families of 5+?) … it takes more than building houses to encourage inspiration and confidence.

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Great story on Belvedere in Charlottesville

This is a significant story in this week’s C-Ville not only because it features my clients , ( their blog about Belvedere is here ) but it highlights one of the (potentially) best developments (that happens to be green) in the Charlottesville area. Five years ago—heck, two years ago—if you were searching for an architect to design your sustainable house, a builder to put it together, or a store to supply its fixtures and finishes, you would have had far fewer choices than in 2008.

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Why Belvedere?

I’m going to keep highlighting Kate’s blog about the Belvedere development as long as she keeps writing as well as she does.If I understand it correctly, Belvedere is about community, it is about people, children, nature, healthy living.  There is a sound philosophy of Health and Connection to the community design: greenspaces designed to encourage children’s play, trails to run and walk on, an organic garden for vegetables and delivery of other specialties, and even this soccer facility.  Part of the Belvedere ethos and core values is the inclusion of the non-human world as part of the community….  I have never heard of a development firm purporting to design a place for humans and plants and animals, too.Belvedere is one of the places where I have represented Buyers that I feel that by doing so, I am contributing positively to the area in which I live.

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