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Bundoran Farm’s Second Act

Bundoran Farm, the preservation development near North Garden and Batesville in Southern Albemarle was foreclosed on last year.

Dave McNair at The Hook reports on how they’re moving forward under new ownership. I’ve always loved that development and wish it was viable on a larger scale.

Either way – as Dave reports, they should be able to make a much better run at it; the original price in 2006 was $31 million; the foreclosed sale price was $7.5 million.

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Bundoran Farm on Virginia Public Radio

From Joe Barnes with Bundoran Farm : Virginia Public Radio recently aired a segment on Bundoran Farm and our efforts to preserve the character and use of the 2,300 acres of this legacy landscape, promote on going environmental stewardship and craft a great place for people to live in and enjoy the countryside of Charlottesville, Virginia and Albemarle County region.    WVTF’s Sandy Haussman reports on this new model of conservation development we refer to as “Preservation Development.” In addition to providing as high level overview of the development concepts, you can hear first hand comments from Fred Scott, the previous owner of Bundoran Farm, Mary Tillman, one of Bundoran Farm’s Founding Stewards and Ed McMahon, a Senior Fellow with the Urban Land Institute. Here’s a link to the podcast

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