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Bundoran Farm’s Second Act

Bundoran Farm, the preservation development near North Garden and Batesville in Southern Albemarle was foreclosed on last year.

Dave McNair at The Hook reports on how they’re moving forward under new ownership. I’ve always loved that development and wish it was viable on a larger scale.

Either way – as Dave reports, they should be able to make a much better run at it; the original price in 2006 was $31 million; the foreclosed sale price was $7.5 million.

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My own little green carnival

The first in a series of infrequent green carnivals here ……  I’ve said it before; the majority of people will not “go green” simply because it’s the “right thing to do,” but if there is profit to be had, or money to be saved, then we’ll have something.Sustainable entrepreneur…  nearly 90 percent of Americans think that solar electricity should be an option for all new home construction, up significantly from one year ago (79 percent).Making energy efficiency payCreate an eco-friendly playroom100 ways to save the environmentHow big is your ecological footprint?Green modern prefab meets GoogleThe many shades of the eco-consumerI took a brief tour of this exceptional new development on Friday …  I will write more about Bundoran Farm soon.

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Another Charlottesville-area green development

I have been trying to contact the folks at Bundoran Farm for weeks on behalf of a client, and coincidentally I get a call back on the same day that this article appears in the WSJ.In addition to the recent trend towards green building, organic farming and sustainable living …Developers are also hoping the communities will appeal to buyers because of their location.  Even though the farms offer a rural feel, residents won’t have to give up the services of urban life, such as shopping or good medical care….  note: and 10 minutes from Crozet, Virginia)And there you have it – feel good but don’t isolate yourself.Interestingly, the locational focus of the article was not on Charlottesville, it was on Albemarle County.  Perhaps a deliberate attempt to achieve a more “rural” appeal?

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