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Buying new construction without a Realtor? Read this first!

If you’re thinking about buying new construction in the Charlottesville area or anywhere else, please, please, please be aware that onerous, hateful contracts are being used by some of the builders.Contrary to the popular opinion that you can “get out of” any contract, these don’t fit that mold.Delivery Date, If Applicable: PURCHASER understands and accepts that there will be a longer than normal delivery date due to the location of this purchase being in a section currently not developed….  The delivery date quotes should not be construed as a guarantee and SELLER contracts, will supersede any delivery date estimate.That’s almost not so bad, despite the fact that there is really no guidance as to when closing might happen nor any penalties for not delivering a product by a certain time.Purchaser and Seller shall jointly conduct the Pre-Settlement Inspection on a date and at a time specified by Seller, in its sole discretion, in accordance with he provisions of applicable laws….  Except to the extent otherwise provided by law, Purchaser is not entitled to be accompanied at the Pre-Settlement Inspection by any agent, family member or invitee including, without limitation, any home inspector (collectively, “Purchaser’s Agent”) without Seller’s express consent, which consent may be withheld in Seller’s sole discretion….Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that if Purchaser is permitted to be accompanied by a Purchaser’s Agent at the Pre-Settlement Inspection …  Purchaser’s Agent shall attend the Pre-Settlement Inspection as an observer only and under no circumstances will Purchaser’s Agent be permitted to perform any independent tests or inspection of the Property or in any way interfere with or actively participate in the performance of the Pre-Settlement Inspection.

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