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Help Kickstart Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Education Coverage

I’ve long said that I’m better positioned to represent my clients’ best interests because of the knowledge and information that Charlottesville Tomorrow shares.

Now they’re asking for the community’s help to Kickstart their foray into covering the education side of the news.

Charlottesville Tomorrow has provided something extremely valuable – consistent reporting for many years. Here’s hoping they’re able to replicate this success in the school reporting arena.

Keep in mind – “Distance from Schools” and “Quality of Schools” are the two least-likely-to-compromise criteria for home buyers.

* Disclosure: I donated $50.

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Eco-Friendly House Designed using Google Sketchup (and How it Relates to Charlottesville)

Fairview couple builds solar-powered home with help from Google Many Internet users rely on Google to instantly find information about almost anyone and anything. … Using Google Sketchup, a 3D modeling program usually used by architects, engineers and other design professionals, not homeowners, the couple drew the plans for their home and all of its high-tech, low-environmental-impact features on a computer screen. Interestingly, the house appears to have cost a not-obscenely-exhorbitant amount and is almost completely off the grid. via instapundit , via . … “(Their) goal is to model all of the urban areas of Charlottesville and Albemarle County in Google Earth.”

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