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Gone Droid – A Step in the Evolution

Following up on my “What’s next in Real Estate Technology” series … I do miss my blackberry, but ... It’s been five days since I switched and while I miss the simplicity of my Blackberry – it does email and phone calls extremely well – So far I’m happy that I decided to buy the Droid Pro .

…I do a lot of mobile uploads, and the 5 meg camera, while not the 8 meg on the Droid X, is better than the 2 meg on my BB. Qik – I’m going to be testing this soon. (more on this later) Skype is a bit better on the Android, I think. … I know this – visitors to are using mobile devices* – and I’d like to encourage more. 🙂 1 – iPhone 2 – iPad 3 – Android 4 – Blackberry 5 – iPod 6 – Samsung * They’re so much more than phones.

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