Gone Droid – A Step in the Evolution

I’ve come a long way from my first Nokia, and a much longer way than my mom’s first bag phone.
I do miss my blackberry, but ...

It’s been five days since I switched and while I miss the simplicity of my Blackberry – it does email and phone calls extremely well – So far I’m happy that I decided to buy the Droid Pro.

Here’s why I switched:

  • I’ve wanted an iPhone, but AT&T coverage in the greater Charlottesville area stinks. I need my phone to work. You know – the part where I can call somebody – and Verizon has the best cell coverage in the Charlottesville area. The Phone Call is not (yet) Dead in my world.
  • The keyboard & the size. Finally, an Android phone with a keyboard + it’s a reasonable size. The Droid X is massive, and while beautiful, doesn’t fit well in my pocket.
  • My clients are using iPhones and Androids, and Blackberry just can’t compete. Yet.
  • The apps. These are my apps, if you’re interested. The breadth and depth of apps just aren’t available on the Blackberry.
  • Two apps of note:
  • I can search the Charlottesville MLS much more efficiently now. Rather than the dumbed-now mobile version, I have full access.
  • This is crucial.
  • A better camera. I do a lot of mobile uploads, and the 5 meg camera, while not the 8 meg on the Droid X, is better than the 2 meg on my BB.
  • Qik – I’m going to be testing this soon. (more on this later)
  • Skype is a bit better on the Android, I think.
  • I wanted something new. I knew the Blackberry, but it was tired, and I love playing with new things. Sue me.

I know this – visitors to RealCentralVA.com are using mobile devices* – and I’d like to encourage more. 🙂

1 – iPhone

2 – iPad

3 – Android

4 – Blackberry

5 – iPod

6 – Samsung

* They’re so much more than phones.

** Don’t tell the TSA that I have a Droid.

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  1. Justin November 15, 2010 at 07:23

    i’m still holding out for the iphone on verizon. if it doesn’t happen by summer, android it is.

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