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Getting ready for Match Day March 20th

I’ll keep saving for the down payment for the next year, and hopefully I’ll catch the market closer to this 25% expected further devaluation.This would be completely different if I were making 60K rather than 40K….  Empower me already!For the I have written about Match Day once or twice before at least, and this year is no different, but for one thing – the credit markets are much, much different this year (h/t VARBuzz) than in any previous year….  There are no set in stone guidelines I can give you that are being used but some general parameters are:- Can still go to 100% financing- Credit scores should be above 700- 2 months reserves after closing- Debt to income around 50% (closely around) Sometimes, exceptions are needed to get beyond the Debt to Income ratios which seem to be the greatest area of concern….  🙂 – and ultimately a good thing.My advice to Residents (really to any Buyer) – work with a team of people whom you trust, prepare, know your options and move forward after performing adequate due diligence.

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