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There are few better motivators than fear of sounding unprepared and unintelligent – due to the last-minute call from Coy, I am now very up to date on all of the below issues.- If you’re pricing a property, price it to sell….  Solds may matter little, and what the seller paid for the property is irrelevant with regards to market value (as is the assessed value).- We discussed the current state of the Charlottesville market.- Declining markets and “Jingle Mail” – here is an excellent article on this from a professional appraiser’s point of view.- Property rights and Ron Paul (briefly)- Several callers called in and discussed the rural area ordinances that are up for a vote this evening in Albemarle County.  This is a passionate debate between property rights advocates, “greater good” opinions, preservationists and more.We didn’t get around to discussing Senate Bill 768 – which would either destroy or fix the current proffer system, depending on you perspective , but I encourage any and all to learn more about it….  They’re talking about taxes, but the word “tax” isn’t used until the last page – page 12 if you happen to print it out.As soon as the podcast is posted, I’ll post it.

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