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Public Spaces in Private Spaces – What’s the Balance?

What if … the only available public spaces to freely assemble are private?

The forthcoming Market Plaza in Downtown Charlottesville is going to be a massive project,

Market Plaza will feature 68 residential units, 55,000 square feet of office space and 10,000 square feet of retail space.

The city market will operate in an open-air plaza for as many as two days a week in the south-west quadrant. The plaza will be rented by the city for those days and will be managed by the developer for the rest.

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The HooK Closes


One of the most pressing questions is posed on cvillenews:

And what of The Hook’s website? There are 12 years of vital, historically significant news coverage there, available to anybody using Google. The loss of that archive—like the once-deep web-based archives of The Cavalier Daily, WINA, and The Observer—would be terrible. What’s the plan to maintain that?

There has to be a plan – even a community plan – to fund the archives’ existence in perpetuity.

The Internet Archive isn’t going to cut it.

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