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Marketing real estate internationally

With that being said – here is a “first-to-market” for Charlottesville – This is a property video that is professionally done and translated into English, Spanish and Portugese.The world is flat. Buyers are coming from all over, not just English-speaking countries – reaching those buyers is key.Visitors to my real estate site come from Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Boliva, India, Australia among other countries…. With the value of the dollar worldwide taking a dive, our real estate is much more affordable.”Implicitly, Paulson and the Federal Reserve are happy with a gradual fall in the value of the dollar,” said Nouriel Roubini, an economist at New York University and president of Roubini Global Economics, a consulting firm that also operates a popular economics Web site. “They’ll never say they favor a weak dollar, but the benefits to the U.S. in terms of competitiveness are significant.”Take a look at their value proposition as well as this post – Extending The Concept Of Distribution “Hubs And Spokes” To Include Value Measurements.

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