Marketing real estate internationally

My policy remains in place – blogging about properties I am marketing remains verboten – except for when there is a story other than “hey! Look at this house!” With that being said – here is a “first-to-market” for Charlottesville –

This is a property video that is professionally for one of my listings and translated into English, Spanish and Portugese.

The world is flat. Buyers are coming from all over, not just English-speaking countries – reaching those buyers is key.

Visitors to my real estate site come from Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Boliva, India, Australia among other countries. Not reaching out to those who speak languages other than English is short-sighted.

With the value of the dollar worldwide taking a dive, our real estate is much more affordable.

“Implicitly, Paulson and the Federal Reserve are happy with a gradual fall in the value of the dollar,” said Nouriel Roubini, an economist at New York University and president of Roubini Global Economics, a consulting firm that also operates a popular economics Web site. “They’ll never say they favor a weak dollar, but the benefits to the U.S. in terms of competitiveness are significant.”

Take a look at their value proposition as well as this post – Extending The Concept Of Distribution “Hubs And Spokes” To Include Value Measurements. Producing real estate videos is one thing – distributing them is another.

These guys “get” international distribution.

What do you think about the video? Constructive criticism welcomed.

One day we’re going to wake up and wonder – when did it become standard to market internationally?

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  1. Dan Green October 22, 2007 at 14:24

    Jim, I love this. As a guy who spends a lot of time with Foreign National buyers, I can see huge benefits.

    Kudos for recognizing the power of language.