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HB 1907 – Agency in Virginia, Disclosures and More

The bill has unanimously passed the Committee and the House of Representatives . Richmond Sunlight » 2011 » Real Estate Board; requirements for licensure and practice of real estate. (HB1907) Discussing the perils of single agent dual agency has long been my windmill; while not perfect, this bill clearly is a step towards representation .

…That following the commencement of dual standard agency, the licensee will be unable to advise either party as to the terms, offers or counteroffers; however, under the limited circumstances specified in subsection C, the licensee may have previously discussed such terms with one party prior to the commencement of dual standard agency;

…That the licensee cannot advise a buyer client as to the suitability of the property, its condition (other than to make any disclosures as required by law of any licensee representing a seller), and cannot advise either party as to repairs of the property to make or request; 3. … That the licensee will be acting without knowledge of the client’s needs, client’s experience in the market, or client’s experience in handling real estate transactions unless he has gained that information from earlier contact with the client under the limited circumstances specified in subsection C; and 5.

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What’s That Fuzzy-Looking Thing? Addition to Nest’s Signs – Trying Something New

It’s been a while since we’ve played with the design, other than refinements here and there.

…Real estate signs matter . Real-estate-signs-matter-2.jpg If you have an iPhone, these are some QR Code readers ; for you Android users, these are a few . … I’ve had questions over the years asking what I do besides write a kick-butt Charlottesville real estate blog. I’m a Charlottesville Realtor with a writing problem , and a pretty good one at that.

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