Nest’s New Office Reflects our Philosophy

Our office is under construction, and we’re being a little bit secretive about its location for now.

Nest's New Home is Coming on Twitpic

Keith has more at the Nest blog:

“So, where does that leave Nest? Well, like I said in the opening paragraph. Forget the Past. Who are We? What is it that Nest really does? Simple: We are a Marketing and Service Organization. And while marketing and service are certainly intertwined, they are two distinct functions with separate needs.

Service in real estate has historically been managed in the field; inside the homes. Certainly , the product that we sell ” the home” is in the field, and not in our office. But that is changing to a certain degree. The amount of focus, time, energy, and money that we at Nest have put into a web site is remarkable. And we have done that to improve the amount of information available to our buyers. We provide this information so that our clients can take control of their own buying process, not so that we can tell them how to manage the process. Consumers have more information than ever, and the office should be one in which we can explore that information and discuss what it means to them.

Our office needs to be a place where we can meet comfortably on a sofa, and watch videos of properties on the market. Somewhere that we can sit and talk about the history that our clients and friends hope to write with their family in a new home. Yes, we will always show properties, but so much of what we do is discussion and discovery, and that is happening in coffee shops today, and in The Nest in just a few weeks.”

Think you can guess where our space is located?

The New Nest.... Yehaw on Twitpic

Hint: It’s in the City of Charlottesville.

(me? I’ll be holding down the fort at the new Open Space Co-Working space)

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  1. Natalie May 6, 2009 at 17:08

    Looks to me like that newly remodeled building at the corner of McIntire & Preston. Am I warm? Congrats on the new space.

  2. Pavel May 8, 2009 at 06:08

    Somewhere along the downtown mall or on one of it’s side streets. Looks like a converted store front….. may be something similar to 105 NE 3RD ST. I am still surprised why there are no real estate offices along the downtown mall which gets an incredible amount of foot traffic. Talk about a cost efficient way of getting the name out there in front of thousands of people.

  3. Jim Duncan May 8, 2009 at 06:52

    Natalie – good guess, but not quite.

    Pavel – we looked on the Mall, and while rents are attractive, parking and accessibility suck. 🙂


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