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My Newest Favorite Blog – Discovering Urbanism

He writes about transportation, transit, growth, growth politics, smart growth (not necessarily “smart” growth, but smart growth – as in, intelligent, thoughtful, considered growth), new urbanism, human settlement patterns … all of which contribute to my insatiable need to learn about everything relating to real estate.

… There may been no shortage of monday morning quarterbacking over the housing crash, but University of Virginia planning professor Bill Lucy sits in a unique position to offer a more comprehensive analysis of how the recession may be reshaping our communities. Having studied for over thirty years the spatial ebbs and flows of the housing market, and publishing in 2006 with colleague David Phillips Tomorrow’s Cities, Tomorrow’s Suburbs , he is prepared to fit this event into the longer view and wider frame of the contemporary situation. … We’ve already heard all of the blame being poured onto predatory lenders, credulous homebuyers, negligent oversight agencies, and maybe a corrupt politician or two, but we’re left with the feeling that there must be some deeper undercurrent to all of this.

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Proof that Gas Prices are affecting buyers in Charlottesville area

Getting feedback from Buyer’s Agents is one of the most persistent challenges a listing agent faces, yet good feedback is absolutely crucial to understanding buyers’ mindsets to help best advise sellers.

…The trouble is, when showing forty plus houses a week, it’s that more challenging to elicit feedback from Buyers Agents …

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