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The Lodge at Old Trail in Crozet – So Much More than “Assisted Living”

If you haven’t been to Crozet recently to see The Lodge at Old Trail, you’re missing what may be the one of the biggest privately-built buildings in the area. I spent the morning there talking with David Hilliard, the owner of the Lodge at Old Trail.

Simply put, both the building and the mission are impressive – it’s so much more than an assisted living facility. From a pub to gardens to residential living to a dance floor to a secure area for those who need a bit more assistance.

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Old Trail Sales Up Year over Year. Really.

Inspired by this article in the Crozet Gazette , NBC 29 reported yesterday that home sales in Old Trail Village are up significantly this year . It’s not spin , it’s true , backed by data (see below). I have clients who saw the value in Old Trail (and I’d like to have more 🙂 ) I’m through Old Trail nearly every day and I have been tracking the progress made on the townhomes built by Craig Builders … I find new construction – the pace, the timeline, the fact that a bazillion pieces get put together and they happen to result in a house – fascinating.

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