The Lodge at Old Trail in Crozet – So Much More than “Assisted Living”

If you haven’t been to Crozet recently to see The Lodge at Old Trail, you’re missing what may be the one of the biggest privately-built buildings in the area. I spent the morning there talking with David Hilliard, the owner of the Lodge at Old Trail.

I had a blast this morning – new construction fascinates me. Anytime I can climb on the roof of a building as cool as this with these views, I’m excited.

Simply put, both the building and the mission are impressive – it’s so much more than an assisted living facility. From a pub to gardens to residential living to a dance floor to a secure area for those who need a bit more assistance.

In the words of a commenter at RealCrozetVA:

I have had the chance to sit and speak with him, and pinned to his wall in the construction trailer is a quote, “It’s about the people, and it always will be.”

The Lodge will bring over 400 jobs to this area in the 18 months it takes to build it and about 100 jobs once it is built.  This is not to mention the smaller businesses that benefit from the workers being here.  It also will start a chain reaction (it has already) of these smaller businesses in the community hiring one or two people to be able to keep up with the increased traffic and increased Crozet seniors/Lodge residents.

I’m no expert on “senior living” but I left with this:

David is compassionate, passionate and he cares about the community, the people and what he’s building. And what he’s building is a place where people are going to want to come to – “people” meaning those who choose to live there and those who are going to be visiting their families there.

I’m hoping to not be proven wrong, but I see The Lodge as a positive for the community, the economy and society.

Read more at The Hook.

Also, the views from the roof are awesome.

View from the roof of the Lodge at Old Trail

See the full set of photos I took at Flickr.

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  2. Steinar Knutsen August 6, 2011 at 17:35

    Wow – that’s huge! And yes, the roof is awesome!

  3. Minerva August 10, 2011 at 09:52

    That view from the roof is scenic! That’s very breathtaking. 🙂


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