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What’s That Fuzzy-Looking Thing? Addition to Nest’s Signs – Trying Something New

It’s been a while since we’ve played with the design, other than refinements here and there.

…Real estate signs matter . Real-estate-signs-matter-2.jpg If you have an iPhone, these are some QR Code readers ; for you Android users, these are a few . … I’ve had questions over the years asking what I do besides write a kick-butt Charlottesville real estate blog. I’m a Charlottesville Realtor with a writing problem , and a pretty good one at that.

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Redefining Real Estate Signage in Charlottesville

One size does not fit all, and this is but one way that we are seeking to re-define how real estate is done in Charlottesville and Central Virginia. … – A real estate sign of the times: Our first custom yard sign printed in both English and Spanish – Describing Mariana and Derek’s signs in Colorado Springs – Describing John Kalinowski’s signs in Northeast Ohio .

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