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Every Customer Counts

Matches up pretty well with my experience there right after they opened. about 7 hours ago from twhirl in reply to JimDuncan” (I’ll bet she’ll talk to 10 people) – Marijean commented on Amanda’s post (easily 10 people here) – Nick saw our tweets – “thanks @jimduncan and @emccullough for the info/pointers on the boathouse. had thought about trying it, but might wait a while or so ” (Nick, too ) – Waldo noted the blog post about the Boathouse . … – Ignore it all – it’s only a few blogs and tweets after all (but check out the people who noticed – they’re all connected and are likely either influencers, connectors or mavens ) The first idea is that some people are “hubs” – they are well connected.

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Do you Google people you meet?

It’s simple business intelligence. Google-search-results-for-Jim-Duncan-in-Charlottesville.png – If I’m in a meeting with my laptop open and my phone rings with number I do not recognize, I’ll quickly Google the number (it’s amazing how many Realtors’ cell phone numbers aren’t found via Google) – if it’s a client and it’s important, I’ll likely leave the meeting* to take the call. … *I love volunteering and working on various Realtor committees – they bring value to my business in a variety of ways – but if a client calls while I am in Strategic Planning for the Virginia Association of Realtors, my and my clients’ Strategic Plans come first.

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Kudos to Glenn Kelman

It is not consistent with how those of us at Redfin who have met Kris Berg feel about her or her charitable activity. … We have a clear policy that the contractors who contribute local posts about the real estate market should focus only on the real estate market, not on competitors.

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