Kudos to Glenn Kelman

Thanks, Glenn for this comment:

This post makes me physically ill. It is not consistent with how those of us at Redfin who have met Kris Berg feel about her or her charitable activity. Kris is a wonderful human being and a credit to our profession.

We have a clear policy that the contractors who contribute local posts about the real estate market should focus only on the real estate market, not on competitors. We are clear with everyone with whom we work that Redfin works as a partner with other real estate brokers, not as an antagonist.

Had we known that Ms. Hian felt this way about Realtors, we would not have commissioned her to write for Redfin at all.

As much as we would like to, we cannot take the post down because it would be sneaky to do so. But we will take steps to ensure something like this never happens again.

I apologize on behalf of Redfin for this post, both to Kris Berg and to the real estate profession.

In response to this post by Carol Hian.

It is best to admit one’s wrong and deal with the consequences head-on, online and off. Not deleting the post will do far more for his and Redfin’s reputation that deleting it would have. Thanks for the lesson in reputation management, Glenn.

Lessons learned –

1) The response matters.

2) Think before you post.

3) Pick your targets more carefully. You might want to Google your target before posting.

4) Character matters, as much in how one acts, but more in how one reacts. (Does this really need repeating and re-learning?)

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  2. anon April 23, 2008 at 12:03

    Note to self: have person directly tied to my organization write something extremely offensive to industry. Wait for industry’s ire (and links). Apologize. Get more admiration from industry than I started with.


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