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Three years of blogging

It’s humbling and a bit embarrassing to look back to my first posts on 4 January 2005, on a vastly different (and inferior, non-open-source) blogging platform – but it was a good place to start.I’d like to think I and this site have grown, matured, tried new things and failed and learned in the process….  Its evolution has been one marked by rapid change, persistence, patience and a dedication to providing the absolute best local analysis of the Charlottesville area real estate market – targeted at buyers, sellers, real estate voyeurs and fellow real estate professionals.I remain passionate and committed to the real estate industry and my clients, and this blog is a big reason for that….  Thank you.Take a quick look at the search traffic for “real estate blog” -A quick look at the Internet Archive shows parts of the evolution.October 18 2005June 30 2006 (one of my favorites, as it shows a hidden “river” showing itself in the City of Charlottesville)February 1 2007 – Sold comps matter lessMuch has changed in three years – there are many more real estate bloggers than there were three years ago. Having been one of the first real estate bloggers gives me a unique perspective, and one thing is constantly being reinforced – being first matters not one damn bit unless you provide consistently high quality content and constantly innovate to meet and stay ahead of consumers’ and readers’ expectations.Blogging has become easier; the threshold for entry is very low – and that is good and bad….  Thank you to the real estate bloggers I have met, on and offline, to the local media who have been so receptive to seeking me out occasionally, to the readers and commenters and to the clients I have gained.I am grateful for your time, your knowledge and for the opportunity to know you, and look forward to another year of writing, analyzing and interacting with readers, clients and friends on and off line.

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