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Toy Lift 2007 in Charlottesville

We need volunteers from December 5th through December 9th to help us set up, collect, sort, and distribute Toys and Books!You can make THE difference in the lives of over 2,300 area children….  Papa Johns Pizza and Pepsi products will be served!Contact Walker Duncan or 975-TOYS for more info.Thanks also to the Corner radio station for publicizing this meeting and event.If you are in the Charlottesville area and have never participated in this charity, please consider it this year.  Working the Toy Lift is a humbling and rewarding experience.Be aware that no used toys will be accepted this year due to the waves of toy recalls this year.Note: this post is because this charity is near and dear to my wife.  She gives an immense amount of time and energy to this every year, and I admire all that she and the other Toy Lift leaders do to ensure that the area’s children have a holiday.

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