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Charlottesville Twitter Week in Review – 20 June 2010

I’ll be watching the # worldcup in Crozet @ Fardowners # RT @ jessicachapin : Question of the day – how do you balance your desire to make a REAL difference in the world (cont) # @ TomRoyce I see your incompetence & raise you – Dr. … Here are a few – in reply to jessicaleap # Trying to decide where to watch the US play tomorrow morning # WorldCup # RT @ PhxREguy Despite what MANY are saying, an extension to the closing deadline 4 homebuyer tax credit ISN’T LAW YET.[ ] # @ MortgageDr touché. in reply to MortgageDr # RT @ Emarieg : I hate negotiating. … Exchanges – [I feel better RT-ing @ wsj [email protected]] # RT @ USHUD : – Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Ordered to De-List From NYSE [well, that’s comforting] # I’d really like it to not rain today. Soccer game this afternoon. 🙂 # RT @ bookofjoe : Re: BP: It’s impossible to imagine a surgeon proceeding with an operation if she isn’t capable of (cont) # Having commentators who understand & sound like they understand soccer is a huge improvement vs last # WorldCup Thanks, # ESPN # Calling internationally via Google Voice: cheap.

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Charlottesville Twitter Week in Review – 13 June 2010

Time to head to C’Ville to watch the # worldcup # 1/3 of the properties I’ve shown today are foreclosures # For the life of me, I can’t find the amendment that speaks to the proposed extension of the homebuyer tax credit. Help? … # Glenn Reynolds: Higher education’s bubble is about to burst | Washington Examiner # I love that: more pubs/bars in Charlottesville are showing all the World Cup games & that they are telling (cont) # RT @ cvilledave : RT @ cvillecharlie : RT @ cvillecharlie The Timberwood Grill | Charlottesville World Cup 2010 @ (cont) # RT @ edibleCville : Good news! … Even the ones that start at (cont) # I GUESS THERE MUST STILL BE PEOPLE WITH JOBS HE HASN’T ALIENATED: Obama Puts Mortgage Interest Deduction on Chopping … # Anyone else having problems with Verizon wireless phone service in Charlottesville today? … 5 AYES, 1 No # 22932 [wow.] # @ gingergermani I’m following updates via @ tfjtolson on Twitter & @ NeilSWilliamson on Facebook in reply to gingergermani # Median Price per Sqft, Average Days on Market for Single Family Properties in CROZET, VA # Who’s going to to the public hearing about the proposed gas station in Crozet?

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