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Charlottesville is the 3rd Most Walkable City in Virginia

50% of Charlottesville residents have a Walk Score of 70 or above.

Charlottesville’s most walkable neighborhoods are Downtown, 10th And Page, Main-Starr Hill. Charlottesville’s least walkable neighborhoods are Charlottesville High, North East, Longwood Dr. 77% have a Walk Score of at least 50—and 23% live in Car-Dependent neighborhoods.

Downtown, Charlottesville - Restaurants, Hotels, and Landmarks on Walk Score.jpg Search for the most walkable homes for sale in Charlottesville .

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Wednesday Thought – Connecting via Bike and Walking

One of the very first features desired by clients with whom I just met was “walkability” – being able to walk to stuff – grocery stores, coffee shops, parks … but there’s another aspect of walkability and bikeability that I have noticed since I started my effort to bike and walk around Charlottesville and Crozet – I’m more connected to my community . I see people more, I wave more, I see Charlottesville from a different perspective than that from a car. … This is what it looks like from my car: And this is what it looks like when walking (incidentally, I took this photo after walking my younger one to school, stopping at the Crozet Mudhouse on the way to and from): Granted, it’s just a pothole, but think about if it were a friend, or a dog, or a client, or a garden … Using Walkscore , these are some of the most walkable homes for sale in Crozet and these are some of the most walkable homes for sale in Charlottesville .

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Walkability – More than a Fad

“For the typical metropolitan area, each additional point of Walk Score was associated with a $700- to $3,000- increase in home values, after controlling for other observable factors. To give you an idea of what kind of difference that makes in the marketplace, we looked at the difference in home values between a typical house that had the 50th percentile Walk Score, compared to an otherwise identical house that had the 75th percentile Walk Score. Going from the average level of walkability to the 75th percentile raised the value of the median house by between $4,000 and about $34,000, depending on the market.”

…Even more on walkability from the New York Times : REAL estate agents often chant the mantra “location, location, location,” which essentially means “find a home in a well-kept neighborhood with good schools and a low crime rate.”

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DP and Charlottesville Tomorrow begin Four-Part Series on Traffic and Growth

Part One started yesterday in the Daily Progress . The difficulty in balancing growth pressures and a decline in transportation infrastructure spending is growing more acute, but there is little movement toward solutions. How would you solve the transit/traffic/transportation issues the Charlottesville/Albemarle region is facing?

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Walkability on 29 North – A Work in Progress?

The Neighborhood Model may list “pedestrian orientation” at the very top of its 12 Principles for Development, but it’s in the county’s subdivision and zoning regulations where the rubber—so to speak—meets the road. … “Right now we can’t require sidewalks on all streets in the development areas,” says Elaine Echols, a principal planner with the county. … Until we get our zoning regulations changed to make it a requirement,” she says—a project she and her staff are working on right now—walker-friendly development is not as ironclad a guideline as the Neighborhood Model would suggest. I know this – more and more of my clients want to walk places – coffee shops, grocery stores, schools, friends’ houses – and the County and developers are negligent in not following through in their plans.

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Diverse Solutions Introduces Partnership with Walkscore

We love being able to put in an address Walk Score, but it makes it SO much better when you don’t have to constantly look up the Walk Score for each address for each property you’re interested in buying / leasing.    2. … Even if our clients choose not to show the “Search by Walk Score” search panel, they can still enable the functionality to allow their visitors to see the Walk Score for each listing in both the search results and property details.

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