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What good is a real estate blog?

In an industry with a LOT of shills, slackers and slimeballs, only the passionate and hardworking will take the time to write a blog.Work ethic makes all the difference when you’re trying to help someone sell or buy a house.  To sell my home this past summer, I chose a blogger in Northern Va (Merv Forney) because I got to know him through his blog and came to admire his integrity….  I joke that my house was the only one in Loudoun County to sell this past October, but it’s not far from the truth.Merv recommended Jim, so I started reading RealCentralVa.  I was immediately impressed by the fact that Jim’s blog encompasses local issues and politics as well as real estate.I just cannot see the typical real estate agent maintaining a blog for more than a few weeks when all he has to say is crap like “now’s a great time to buy,” and “real estate is a great investment.”When I imply most Realtors are dishonest, I don’t mean they’re outright liars: I just think most cannot overcome the self-interest of getting a commission to think about what’s best for the client.

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