Tinder. For Realtors

Tinder for Realtors

This is the perception that good Realtors fight every day. I don't even know what to say, other than, Stop It. What is Tinder? Tinder is an app for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touches, iPads, etc.) and Android devices meant to make it easy to meet new people. The app is designed to emulate how meeting people in real life works, cofounder Sean Rad Read More

A Warning about Regulating AirBnB in Charlottesville (City)

AirBnB remains a constant source of income for some, convenience for many, and challenges for adjacent homeowners in some instances. The real challenge may lie with governments’ attempts to regulate AirBnB. I was listening to 106.1 The Corner’s Coffee with a (Charlottesville City) Councilor, the Councilor being not-returning-to Council Dede Smith as they discussed AirBnB. Listen to the whole thing, but the remarkable moment for me starts around the 11 minute mark. We are putting Read More