Quick Market Update from the May 2015 Note

A quick snip from this month's note: The Market - Balanced? Overheated? - It depends on your market segment A friend from another market texted me the other day: How do you feel about the future housing market?  Does it look good or up in the air?  Just a short quick thought would be great. My response to him - Our market is mostly trending up. Certain segments are balanced while others, primarily the urban properties, are skyrocketing. Crazy low interest rates remain a positive for sellers, but create some inherent risk for Read More

Leave Now – Google


Did you know - Google has a “leave now” option that integrates traffic? Pretty handy, I’d say.When leaving downtown Crozet for the National Ground Intelligence Center up 29 North:But at rush hour, add about 5 minutes.
Without knowing, I’ll chalk this up to the Read More

Negative (Buyer) Feedback Matters

Feedback matters. I previewed a house or two for an out of town buyer client recently, and they sent some candid, thoughtful feedback that gave clear, blunt, and useful insight. Sorry if this email reads very negatively, just wanted to explain our thought process. We really appreciate how attentive and responsive you've been! Negativity matters. In last month’s note, I wrote about offering my opinions to clients (sign up to read the whole thing). It takes time for me to form the Read More