So much growth!

There is so much growth in the Charlottesville area,
it is painful some days.

C-Ville reports today that the
former Boxer Learning building is almost ready to undergo its massive
transformation into a “boutique” hotel, continuing the development of Downtown
to a true “city” feel, complete with quirky restaurants, the arts district,
headed by Live Arts. It is incredible to
see what has happened over the past ten

Crozet, where I live, is
experiencing its own dramatic growth. There are no less than twelve (12!)
developments in the Crozet area with some level of new construction! As the
influx of new residents continues, the changes will continue. Eventually, I
suspect we will have our very own (sadly) chain grocery store to supplement
and/or compete with the Great Valu and more. We have a nice coffee shop with
Wi-Fi – Kokopelli’s and several
nice restaurants.

Sometimes growth is

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