Welcome to my blog!

First notes about what I intend to do and what I envision this blog becoming.

Welcome to my blog about the real estate market in Charlottesville, Virginia. I am a Realtor who has lived in Charlottesville for the past 17 years. I am married to an actual native of Charlottesville (one of the few remaining) and have two wonderful daughters who light up my life.

I have been in or around the real estate profession/lifestyle for my entire life. I am a third-generation real estate agent in the Commonwealth of Virginia and grew up answering the phones in my parents’ office in Culpeper, Virginia. The real estate profession has changed so much in the past 20 years that describing the changes is almost impossible.

One aspect of real estate that has not and never will change is that this business is about –  people.

People make the decisions about where to move. People decide in which school district they will reside, and people choose with whom they will work. My job, each and every day, is to meet people and earn their business and their trust.

In light of the new business models and ways that we as Realtors do business, many lose sight of the fact that there is much, much more to buying and selling real estate than simply a house. Just as there is much more to choosing a Realtor than whether they sell a lot of homes.

I would like this blog to become a spot on the web where people can come for insight about buying or selling properties, specifically in the Central Virginia region. If you like what you see, please email me and tell me that you are reading my blog.

(Update 26 September 2012 – I think it’s neat to see my naiveté from the beginning … and I still welcome any and all emails from readers! ) If you really like what you see, please think of me when you or your friends are buying or selling real estate.

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