Fluvanna’s Assessment up

“With the recent property
assessments averaging an increase of 42 percent, many Fluvanna residents are
scratching their heads as to how the assessors came up with the final numbers.”

“Assessments are always
controversial because people think they affect their taxes,” he said. “The
purpose is to report the current property values in the county. It?s a
good market for everything. Fluvanna is a desirable location.”
Said Mike Didawick of Blue Ridge Mass

Well, golly –
assessments DO impact taxes! Fluvanna needs to increase their tax revenue to
support the massive and swift population growth. At some point, we are going to
have to realize that 1) Government must be held accountable for how they spend
our money and 2) we need to speak up when we have something cogent to

Article in the Fluvanna

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