Charlottesville’s population continues its decline

“The amount of residential housing available for middle income families has increased significantly in the past three to four

“”The City of Charlottesville has actually been losing population for quite awhile, but Albemarle County has been gaining population.””Neither the Cavalier Daily article nor this particular study (PDF)by the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service address the above statement directly, but the fact that the City of Charlottesville is experiencing a slow decline or stagnation is no surprise. Few people can afford to live in the City itself; most commute into the City to work.“The City’s location within Albemarle County also plays a key role in its population growth.

“Charlottesville is an island in the middle of the ocean that is Albemarle County,” Dr. Martin said. “Housing availability is low, and prices are

No kidding.

Despite the recent decline in population growth, there is some evidence of future expansion.

“In the last three or four years, the real estate industry has come alive,” Caravati said.

“The amount of residential housing available for middle income families has increased significantly in the past three to four years.””

Really? In what world is he living? Unless “middle income families” refers to those who can afford houses costing at least $250k.

” The median sales price for the entire market area in 2004 was $247,250 which is $18,000 more than the previous year?s figure.” – from

There is a great deal more statistical data at this site here and here are good places to start. If anybody wants to give me an executive summary, I would be greatly appreciative!

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