Welcome to Central Virginia’s first and only (that I know of, correct me if I’m wrong) real estate blog. This blog is run as a partnership/companion with my main real estate site, jduncanrealestate.com. (Update 26 September 2012: RealCentralVA.com has long since replaced jduncanrealestate.com; as such, I’ve edited the links to point back to RealCentralVA.com)

I hope you find the information here useful and occasionally thought-provoking. The focus is local. I could blather on about national or international issues, but you can find that sort of thing anywhere. If you get distracted, bored or are looking for homes in the Central Virginia area, please take a look at some of the current properties we are marketing. Our real estate market moves very quickly. I try to be on the cutting edge of technology while realizing that real estate is a business about people; see what some people have said about us.

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