Tom Loach speaks

From the recent Crozet Online
“Actually to grow or not to grow is not
exactly the real question, rather how much to grow and it?s here we have
a decision to make. The Crozet Community Association has taken the position,
correctly in my opinion, that it will not support a Master Plan without an
associated plan for full

In short, Crozet has taken the position ?first do no harm? and keep
all new development to the current level of zoning now allowed, which for much
of Crozet is one home per acre. That said Crozet could, if it was the decision
of the community, take a much more aggressive approach to growth and petition
the County to remove Crozet as a growth area and readjust zoning in Crozet to
that of the surrounding rural

Interesting article by Mr.
Loach. Competent minds may disagree, but having open and honest discourse is
more often than not a rarity. When the people speak, the public servants at
least have to pretend to listen.

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