Home technology

More and more, technology is becoming an
important factor in Buyers’ home buying decision-making process. Whether it be
whether a home has high-speed internet access via DSL or Cable, whether a home
is amenable to wireless, ability to retrofit for a home theatre (a tough task),
technology is literally becoming an integral part of real estate. Does your
Realtor know about this aspect of the business?

The home technologies that are
most important to current and prospective newly constructed home buyers are
pre-wired cable/satellite TV and a home security system, both of which consumers
indicated should come standard in newly constructed homes. Voted ?somewhat
important? were structured wiring, multi-zone HVAC, an air purification
system, a wireless home computer network, an energy management system, a
community-wide high-speed Internet connection, a home control/automation system
and lighting control. Consumers gave a ?neutral? importance to Web
cameras and an Internet

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