Water continued – the James option

The series continues in the DP –

Piping water from the James is
one of four options the authority has devised to solve a severe water shortage
the Charlottesville-Albemarle area is facing by 2055. The other options include
expanding the capacity of the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir and enlarging the
Ragged Mountain Reservoir.

first thought is of the four articles, why is “risk” used in only one of the
headlines? Does “risk” have more negative connotations than ‘concerns?” Other
than this one point, I think that this has been a great

Option would raise
height of dam

option causes

Three years
after drought, area still awaits new

James pipe poses

Nice summation here –

“By the end of the last major drought,
officials said they had reached a turning point, that a long-term plan was in
hand and that decisions could finally be

That was more than two
years ago.”

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