C-Ville takes on the FEF

Honest, unbiased article in C-Ville this week,
until you get past the first paragraph. Then a decidedly anti-growth
undercurrent surfaces.

“For the Forum
and its supporters, the rumble of bulldozers is the sweet sound of money in the
bank. As the head cheerleader for rapid growth in any form?as well as for
the local homebuilding and real estate industries that profit from growth

Not entirely accurate. The
FEF seeks to protect private property rights.
Minimizing the “common good” decisions is good for

And then this –
“That?s why Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population
)?the antithesis of the Free Enterprise Forum if there ever
was one?opposes the James River pipeline. ?It?s a lousy
option,? says ASAP president Jack Marshall. ?This is going to open
the spigot, literally, for more

Rather than plan for
the future, we should plan to truck in water from outside sources in the future?
My question for Mr. Marshall, as one who is married to an actual native of the
area – are you a native? If not, shouldn’t you and your NIMBY
friends lead the charge to vacate the region?

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