More on tax assessments

More discussion on the county government’s tax
increase (from the DP). This quote sums up the argument against the
skyrocketing values with no reduction in the mil rate.

?People should not have to sell their
homes because they can?t afford their property taxes,? she said.
Unless the gov’t is prepared to increase the
services it provides by a commensurate amount and spend our money more wisely,
the mil rate needs to be reduced.

aspect of Albemarle’s taxes that gets lost is the following
…Tucker said that the county actually
operates on 66 cents per $100 assessed value after transferring 10 cents to
Charlottesville per a revenue-sharing agreement. …
So, Albemarle is actually operating with a
.66 mil rate and the City with about $1.19. Hmmm. Might it be time to revisit
this agreement?

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