ASAP’s annual report

WINA – The annual report from the group Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population contains its goals for 2005. ASAP wants the County to provide information on how many people it estimates could live here without affecting quality of life. The group is also looking at the urban water supply and ways of estimating the County’s optimum population size.

Bolding is mine – what does this mean? Whose standards?

ASAP actually agreed with Dave Phillips, CEO of CAAR! Phillips is right. While ASAP has disagreed with CAAR on a number of issues and approaches, we agree on this fundamental principle?it should be easier for developers to build in the Growth Areas than in the Rural Areas, and County policies should reinforce that principle. It’s good to read all sides of the issue. Maintaining a high quality of life is a laudable goal. How that is achieved is debatable. ASAP’s (PDF) newsletter

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