57th District House of Delegates race

I had the opportunity this afternoon to hear David Toscano, Kim Tingley and Rich Collins speak today at CAAR. They each have their merits and negatives. David Toscano is the seasoned politician. Kim Tingley is the newcomer and Rich Collins is a newcomer to the “running for office” landscape, but a brilliant person – I would love to take or audit one of his classes. Kim and Rich demonstrated one characteristic that I did not feel from David – passion for their beliefs.

This seat is an unenviable position – seemingly endless needs – transportation, education, economic growth, growth – with very little money to go around. I like and appreciate ideologues; heck I happen to play one myself at times, but the political landscape is so unforgiving tow ideologues I wonder whether one could actually accomplish anything. Sorry for the run-on sentence.

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