Expert offers ideas to help U.S. 29 | Expert offers ideas to help U.S. 29:

Most view the community’s primary transportation artery as a necessary evil. While U.S. 29 is frequently the most efficient route through the area, few relish their treks along the busy road.

“There’s not much community pride in [U.S. 29],” Mike McGown, incoming chairman of the North Charlottesville Business Council, said at the council’s spring luncheon. “It’s something we put up with.”

More discussion … more talk … still no action.

When questioned on how the “road diets” and “villages” would work on a major thoroughfare that moves much commuter traffic through the Lynchburg to Washington corridor, Burden suggested the “passing through” traffic be given other road options.

“Meaning we should build the bypass!” one attendee injected, presumably referring to the long-debated U.S. 29 western bypass.

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