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C-Ville Weekly – Charlottesville’s Best Weekly Newspaper:

   Over the past 30 years the RWSA has tried, unsuccessfully, to expand the local water supply, which currently provides Charlottesville and Albemarle about 13 million gallons of water per day (that figure does not include the Beaver Creek Reservoir that supplies Crozet up to 2 million gallons per day). The RWSA says we will need an extra 9.9 mgd by 2055. At last, the Authority is honing in on a solution—maybe.

   The RWSA has identified four options for expanding the local water supply: 1) raise the dam of the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir; 2) dredge the sediment out of the South Fork, thereby getting more out of existing capacity; 3) raise the dam of
the Ragged Mountain Reservoir; or 4) build a pipeline to the James River from Charlottesville.

   Few dispute that the Charlottesville area, with a population of about 125,000 and growing by about 1,500 people annually, needs more water to satisfy residential and business demand. But as the options for increasing supply come into focus, the matter of where our water comes from is becoming an ever more pitched battle.

I would comment, but I have only browsed this issue. There are at least three stories I want to read … more later.

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