A note on the Water article

This week’s C-Ville has a very thorough article on the water woes facing our region. In my opinion, it was slightly biased, but not offensively so.

On March 1, a group of 17 people from a range of city and county groups—the Piedmont Environmental Council, the League of Women Voters, Citizens for Albemarle and others—sent a letter to Charlottesville Mayor David Brown and Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Chair Dennis Rooker outlining their concerns with the James River pipeline and the water planning process in general.

“There is no immediate ‘water crisis,’” the letter asserts. “With the addition of the water from Beaver Creek… this community would feel no shortfall of water supply even during the most severe drought through the year 2018.”

This seems extraordinarily short-sighted. Any solution that is actually agreed to would probably take at least 10 years to see the light of day. I would like to know what this group’s definition of “shortfall” is. When we had the drought in 2002 (and here), we had a severe shortage of water – hence the water restrictions; and . Beware: the area is suffering a severe drought, and serious water restrictions are in affect at public buildings and restaurants. – this, from a Washingtonpost.com article in 2002. Ah well … I am sure the politicians are looking out for the citizens’ best interests above all else.

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