Fighting The Power To Take Your Home

Fighting The Power To Take Your Home:

… Many municipalities use eminent domain to assemble land for redevelopment, either to revitalize downtowns or to boost tax revenues. A case pending before the Supreme Court, Kelo v. New London , concerns a redevelopment plan in Connecticut; it questions the use of eminent domain when governments take the land from some property owners to make it available to other property owners, alleging that the private use makes the land transfer unconstitutional and illegal. The case’s success in reaching the Supreme Court has re-opened a policy debate that started in 1954, when a landmark case involving the redevelopment of Southwest Washington allowed governments to use eminent domain for urban renewal and slum removal projects.

Eminent Domain is something about which everyone needs to be aware. Taking private property for the “greater good” is simply wrong. Each citizen needs to be assured that their property will never be forcibly taken because the government deems greater value elsewhere, e.g. businesses = tax revenue.

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