Redistricting info

An end to the split feeder patterns in Albemarle County middle schools has been proposed for the fall of 2006.
Students attending middle school together would move to the same high school under the redistricting plan.
More than
1,900 Albemarle County school students would be affected by the proposal if approved by the 16-member redistricting committee and Superintendent Kevin C. Castner. The first of three information sessions on the proposed plan is scheduled for 7 tonight at Albemarle High School.

Pay attention to this – 1900 students is a huge part of the County School system. I wish only that they had sent the notification letters to all property owners who are going to be affected, rather than just the parents – this decision potentially affects property values, not just the families!

From the DP.

For all the changes proposed in the plan, check

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