Soccer tournament

We are in Richmond for the weekend; my older daughter has a soccer tournament. The competition is quite good and the experience as a whole for the girls is unmatched. We won the first game, 4-0 and my daughter not only made several nice saves but scored two goals as well. My girls were excellent sports and gracious winners. The second game was a different story – playing against a team from Charlottesville, the other team was vicious and dirty and took advantage of many missed or blown calls from the referee. We lost 2-0. Despite this, my girls were gracious in their defeat as well. They were defeated by a possibly better coached (UVa’s women’s coach “helps out”) team, but my girls cheered loudly for the other team, shook hands and held their heads high.

I don’t think I have been more proud of them before. Did I mention that we had 2 subs versus their 6? Soccer is like life – you win some, you lose some.

React with class and dignity either way, learn something and move on.

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