The July Forum Watch is out

I will post the link when the site is updated. In the meantime, read the Free Enterprise Forum’s full page ad they took out a couple of weeks ago in the Daily Progress.

The Gist is here –

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors has proclaimed June as Homeownership Month.  It is somewhat ironic that reports released last month by Albemarle County , the total number of new dwelling units approved in 2004 is at its lowest point since 1995.  The total number of new single family homes built in 2004 (484) is the second lowest number of such units since 2000.
In the region labeled “America ‘s #1 Community” one would anticipate this number increasing not decreasing.  Albemarle County ‘s Community Development department, at the direction of the Planning Commission and ultimately the Board of Supervisors, is restricting the supply of housing by keeping major rezoning in process for several
years rather than months.  This regulatory stranglehold on supply is keeping literally thousands of potential homeowners out in the cold.
Full text here.

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