An interesting Eminent Domain article

From the Realestatejournal. I am going to try to maintain traction on this issue, as it is such a vital one with regard to personal property rights.

The most important paragraphs of the article –

Bottom line, their experiences provide a cautionary tale for homeowners, who need to pay attention to development proposals in their communities and aggressively participate in the political process to protect their homes. As this article explains, unless you live in a large, established community, where there would be immense political and economic opposition to eminent domain, you could be vulnerable.
Mr. Schneider, the mayor, concedes the project may never have seen the light of day had the community fought the redevelopment plans from the start. “If they had gotten proper legal representation and put together a plan to oppose this project when we began to study it in 1995, it’s likely this project never would have passed.”
Get and stay involved in our local political environment. It is far easier to become passive and complacent about politics. The question you have to ask yourself at the end of the day is whether you prefer to have things “happen to you” or if you prefer to have at least tried to influence the process. The SCOTUS ruling is one that will be played out not on the federal level, but on the local one.

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